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At ConsentMate, we strive to emphasize the importance of sexual safety inside and out of the bedroom. It is our mission to create a safe space to record the transfer of consent between you and your partner(s) after a sexual interaction and educate more people when it comes to performing sex safely. With our highly integrated digital platform, we work to safeguard your sexual security and that of all others. At the end of the day, our goal is to end all non-consensual acts while providing protection for everyone outside of the bedroom.

ConsentMate was built due to the increasing number of careless decisions made by people in situations involving sexual engagement, and the ever expanding population of people who aren’t asking for consent. More than anything, ConsentMate wants to bring awareness to all people, regardless of race, gender, background, or sexual preference, that the process leading to consent exists, and NEEDS to be followed every step of the way. Protect yourself. Protect your future.

What ConsentMate Is and Our Mission

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*According to CDC


*According to CDC


1 in 2 TGQN People (47%) Experience Nonconsensual Sexual Contact


*According to NSVRC



The dangers of having the truth misinterpreted and falsely presented are becoming evermore sizable as the use of media increases. No one has a baseline for marking consent, people are becoming less careful when it comes to confirming whether or not they were actually given consent, and some people genuinely aren't even asking for it. Our mission is to bring awareness to as many people as possible, and remind others that THERE IS a process. And consent is to be given before, during/throughout, and after the interaction. 

(In The United States Alone)


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